posted Sep 3, 2017, 3:44 PM by Gavin Carden   [ updated Sep 3, 2017, 9:50 PM ]
Though this add-on is not an official Elite Dangerous add-on, it is a must have for those of you who are serious about having full control over you ship. Voice Attack takes this simulator to a whole
new level. You can speak commands to your ship and it will respond, well provided you have the profile set up. There are several different pre-built profiles for purchase or you can build your
own! Either way, it adds a whole new element to the simulator.

Adding to the AWESOME that is Voice Attack, here is where you can download some very cool profiles. They have some celebrity voices, some that are geared towards the futuristic computer and 
that will make a 15 year old boy feel "tingly in the nether regions" They offer Pre-Programmed Commands and come with a very complete list of audio responses. 

This is by far my most favorite tool for in sim play. For the explorer in you this is a must MUST have. is a secondary program that you run along side your ED Application. It tracks the systems that you have 
traveled in as well as the planetary surface scans that you do. You can keep multiple Databases for different trips, make notes in the Captains Log section, Manually add planets and stellar bodies and much
more. The best part is, it does the majority of what you need automatically. The other cool trick...... you can program your Voice Attack to dictate captains logs for you in this program. OH.... and its FREE!!!

Ever Run out of fuel? had to hit the self destruct button and loose everything you put your blood sweat and tears into (which you will never get back) only to have to pay the nasty insurance premium? Well....
you might self destruct when you find out that you didn't have to hit that button. Next time, just call the Fuel Rats! Yup, that is what they willingly call them selves. They are all really nice people. I have used them 
a few times myself. You go to the site and send in a request. they find out where you are, come to you walk you through a few step to prepare and then, like magic, they refuel your ship in the middle of 
nowhere. Here is the best part. they take no payment. Not even if you try. they are just great people helping out in a dark, cold, & lonely place.