posted Sep 3, 2017, 3:39 PM by Gavin Carden   [ updated Sep 3, 2017, 9:51 PM ]
If you plan to explore this will be a must have for your bookmarks. You have a rout planner for longer distance (over 1000 LY) routs as well as many other option to collect information about the galaxy. With the new 2.4 update coming soon you will have the ability (so they have told us) to plot routes out 20,000 LY. For many this is fantastic, but, Colonia is still 22,000 LY from the Bubble. This site will help map it for you by giving you way points to use as a route guide. For any serious explorer you should be using this site. It has a wealth of cartographic information on it. 

This one is pretty straight forward. Is a chart of what each planet type can look like and what they are worth if you scan them. As you can see there are some on there that are worth quite a few credits! Yeah jumping from system to system can net you an easy 2 mil just honking your way through a 1000LY trip. Just imagine if you were not in a hurry and were able to do some surface scans of these planets. I personally am always on the look out for Terraformable  Water Worlds, Earth Like Worlds, & Terraformable High Metal Content Worlds. They all pay over 400,000Cr for the first scan! so you can easily  triple the 2mil on the same 1000LY trip.