07 SEP 3303 02:47

I departed Walker ring around 01:00 and headed for the Arietis Sector. so far i have been able to scan 3 full systems and was able to find a nice terraformable water world. My suspicions are proving to be correct. There are quite a few destroyed ships in many of these un-inhabited systems. I have settled in for the rest of my day to work in the 4 Arietis System to do some further scanning. So far this looks to be a very promising place for the future. I have scanned a Terraformable Water World as well as 4 Terraformable High Metal Content Planets & 1 Terraformable Solid Rocky Body.  For the first day out on a long trip around the outer ring of the inhabited bubble, things are looking promising. I will be taking the SRV out to look around on 4 Arietis 2 for different samples of metals and make note of my findings. It would apear that there are high amounts of Iron, Nickle, Sulphur and Carbon.